Chengdu, China April 16, 2018

We arrived Chengdu on Monday after 14 plus hours. Since it was only 5:30 AM,we went to our hotel, The Temple House, to check in, catch a bite to eat and then explore the area on our own.

The Temple House, part of a group of hotels one of which we stayed in previously in Hong Kong, is a Qing dynastic era fusion of old and new.

Situated adjacent to a high-end shopping area, we strolled around to find a Starbucks that we knew would be close by.

But first a picture at the Nike store and a peek at the Apple franchise.

In the rear area is the old Daci Temple with its attached tea house. Chengdu is known for its peaceful environment in which there are hundreds of tea houses and parks for relaxation any time of day. With retirement age of 50/55, the city has a heavy population of older people, often accompanied by grandchildren whose parents may be employed in other cities.

We met our guide at 2 and ventured out to an older section of the city off of Jinhe Road along streets reminiscent of narrow alleys with wall-to-wall shops for Chinese tourists. We are at the gate in the picture below.

Leaving this area, we next stroll through the People’s Park – largest green space in the city, with a large lake and surrounding tea house. People used the space for singing, exercise, musicians, dancing all side by side with signs listing the dBs for each group’s noice level. In the tea house and around the lake people are playing cards and mai Jong.

We moved on to the Buddhist Wenshu Temple – an active space with a large footprint in the city. Also a large Pagoda is situated on the site.

Returning to our hotel, we plan for our hot pot dinner. The hotel sends someone with us to the Atrium Mall where a new franchised restaurant has recently opened. We were the entertainment for the evening since we ordered a huge amount of food, beer, and a bottle of wine. We completed the evening walking home and falling into a real bed.