December 8, 2019, Sunday, Saffire Freycinet, Tasmania

What a difference a full night of sleep makes! This morning we spent time rediscovering the architecture and landscape of Saffire. Although we visited here in 2016, it seems to have aged well. Management has changed, TVs are installed in the rooms but the rooms remain special niches for relaxing. The spring has a wonderful sweetness from the flowers which is pervasive and lends itself to delicious honey.

The wind remains an item for any activity. After having a week of 80 F temperatures – mid 60 is feeling a little chilly. Fire season has started here and we are able to see some large burns across the bay along with the smoke haze.

Tough to fully compute that it is approaching the holidays. However, this is also our casual lunch spot where we can enjoy the view and the holiday vibes.

Aside from culinary gluttony, we wrangled some bicycles and headed down to the beach for a ride over to Coles Bay. We cruised around the town and got some well needed exercise.

We plan to cruise out on the Catamaran in the background tomorrow.

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