January 1, 2019. Mon. Flanders Bay

The new year starts a little slower after the late night celebration. We pull into Flanders Bay, Etienne Fjord. Alongside us is the sister ship, the Orion. We are going to spend the morning on the fast ice. Upon embarking from the zodiac we are greeted by some Adelie penguins playing along the ice shore.


Passengers and crew from both ships enjoyed sharing the visual experience on this build up of thick ice attached to the land. Seals and penguins including a couple of emperor penguins greeted us on our hike.

Walking was a challenge since it didn’t take much to break through the snow crust. There were some deep pockets from which Jon had to climb out using his poles and upper body strength. He must have stepped in a 100 holes.

The valley is capped by the glacier tail coming down toward the water. The mountains surrounding us had some avalanche activity while we were admiring the rest of the snow field.

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