April 26, 2018. Beijing


We have an early start in the Summer Palace.  Even at 7 AM there are tours lining up and people exercising, dancing, and walking throughout the grounds.  The air is cool and it is noteably quieter without the crowds.  We head over to the long corridor and the marble boat.  Then we hike up the back of the hill to take in the view of the lake.


As we wander back, we discover a small lake and tea area that abuts the Aman grounds.  Tucked away, one has to wander in that direction in order to discover it.


Late morning, we head out to the 798 ArtZone.  As it has been some 12 years since Jon has visited it, needless to say it has grown tremendously.  It is a very interesting use of an old warehouse district.  Although it originally was occupied by working artists, it has now morphed into gallery’s, coffee shops, more coffee shops, retail and car (Audi) offices.  Gone are the working artisans per se.


After spending the afternoon there, we returned to the hotel to read until our Chinese dinner.  The Aman manager has been enlighting us on the hotel history, food, etc.





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