May 11, 2016, Wed, Amano’i

Time is flying and yet we have a leisurely swim in the morning, followed by breakfast and return to reading poolside until lunch time.  We adventure out of the resort by car up the highway 20 minutes, then take a boat to have lunch on the Binh Hung Island Floating Restaurant.  As the name suggests it is anchored off of the island in a beautiful inlet bay.


Lunch is still alive.  We walk on the deck of the floating structure checking out all of the varieties of fish and sea food waiting for selection.  It is difficult to chose from jumping snails, crabs, lobsters, squid, mackerel, sea bass, etc.  Our appetizer/teaser are snails followed by a main course of fish (in the net). Jon abstained from the sea snails.  Our guide from the resort set us up “Aman” style with china, silverware, linen napkins, etc.  It’s all about the sauces – we like spicy so our three choices are green, red, and black (chilies and pepper).  We gorged ourselves since it was so fresh and inviting.


When finished, we stopped in the nearby fishing village of Vinh Hy, also situated in the Nui Chua National Park.  This small town has been a hub for fishing for over a hundred years. Early morning and overnight fishing creates a sleeping daytime atmosphere while the men are sleeping.


We return to jump in the pool.

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