May 9, 2016, Mon, Nui Chua Natl Park

Waking up to fog reminded us of home. Quickly we realized that we are in Dalat listening to the early morning sounds of church bells, roosters, dogs barking, motors, etc.

After  checking out of the Ana Mandara, we start our drive to the coast.  The hills surrounding Dalat are filled with plastic covered green houses in every direction.  Flowers, fruits such as strawberries and melons, vegetables including artichokes are cultivated under these white incubators.

Since Dalat is in the mountains, the next couple of hours were spent on windy narrow roads decending down through the forest to the dry flatlands.  The temperature differential was significant when we stepped out of the car at sea level.  Our route takes us on a big loop through Nha Trang, the beach town and major center of Russian tourists, Can Ranh, the former US base, Phan Rang, and on to Vinh Hy Village.  We stop briefly at the Po Klong Cham Towers in Phan Rang to view the ancient temple still used by the Chams for pilgrimages.


Our driver and guide had never been to the Amano’i resort so we had some frantic phone calls to obtain accurate directions.  Thirty minutes later we arrived at the resort and the Aman staff took over.  Our ocean pool pavilion overlooks Vinh Hy Bay and we settle in for a quiet afternoon with tea and a plunge before dinner.


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