May 7, 2016, Sat, Dalat

After arriving in the dark last night ,it is a surprise to view our surroundings in daylight.  We are situated on a hillside in a 20-30s villa of stylized French architecture.
The Ana Mandara Villas are a little funky as individual rooms have been crafted from the original villas.  Our room opens with French glass doors directly into a room with a footed bath tub.  The bedroom sits behind the entry room and there is also a remodeled shower-bath in another room.  It is a bit stuffy in smell but comfortable when you get used to literally entering a tub room.

We start our day traveling to the Elephant Waterfall outside of Dalat.  Although warned that it was a difficult hike down to the bottom, we were unprepared for the primitive nature of the route down and did not complete the entire descent.  Metal piping assisted in some treacherous places but not consistently.

Our next waterfall was a more successful visit.  The park was set up for tourists including an alpine slide, a cable car, mountaineering groups, etc.   Instead of walking down the falls, we used the alpine slide to take us partially to the bottom and then jumped on the cable car and final elevator descent to take us to pool used for rock repelling groups into the water.  Our return trip was a reversal of our multi-modal descent.

Following lunch, we take a different cable car to Truc Lam Monastery on Phoenix Mountain.  It is a lovely setting for the temple and monastery with forested grounds backing up to Tuyen Lake.  When we return to town, we visit the Long Dong Museum, a mishmash collection of minority information, history, war and political information and archeological recoveries.

Our touring is completed at the Rooster Church with the weathervane of the fowl capping the largest Catholic Church in Dalat.

Our night on the town commenced with dinner at a local restaurant, Nhat Ly, followed by a walk through the Night Market.  The market for “Selfie sticks” must be unlimited since it seems every vendor had a handful for purchase.  Music, street food, clothing, trinkets, cotton candy, all available for bargaining.  We even saw a red Siberian husky enjoying the cool evening.

Red Dalat Wine – not a Parker favorite

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