May 2, 2016, Mon, Mekong River

We start the morning with an excursion to Silk Island where a center has been established for women in need to work spinning and weaving silk products.  On bikes we cycle around the island ( ~3 miles) stopping at a school run by a monastery and an ice factory in Koh DACH area. The heat is rising.


Following a dip in the ship’s pool and lunch, we climb aboard the skiff for a ferry over to another island near Phnom Penh where we have  another afternoon bike ride.  Here there are a number of brick factories and reeds are prepared for reed mats by villagers.  The fields in dry season are filled with taro, ginger root, banana trees before the monsoons and rice planting.  Many white Brahman cattle are kept by the local people.


After meeting with a local monk to ask questions regarding the monastery and school, we received a blessimg.  We boarded the skiff for a beach in which the crew had prepared a party for sundowners. We spent a half hour kayaking in the river  before returning to enjoy the festivities (music, snacks, drinks)with the crew and staff.

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