May 1, 2016, Sun, Mekong River

This morning it has cleared and a tad cooler after yesterday’s rain.  We are in the Kampong Chhnang region known for its clay pottery and stoves.  In this village the families practice this handcrafted production of clay pots as passed down from generation to generation.  Orders and Distribution are handled by a middle man so the people are not aware of the final destination of their wares.



The families are also rice farmers.  In the wet season they are dedicated to the farming of the rice crops.  It is in the dry season that they pursue pottery making and palm sugar milking. In addition to palm sugar, we tasted the potent palm wine (40%) brewed by the farmer who demonstrated massaging the male and female palm parts and then collects the milk for firing.



After  lunch, we headed out by Ox cart to visit the home of one of the Aqua Mekong crew members, Nick, the bartender.  After meeting his mother and enjoying tea with cakes and Palm fruit, we were shown through his childhood house where Nick and his siblings grew up.  Due to an afternoon rain storm we made a quick exit on bicycle and  pedaled fast for our skiff pickup.


Pre dinner, Vi gave a short overview of life on the Mekong.  We float past Phenom Pehn after dinner then enter the  Mekong from the Tonle Sap River.


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